Charolette Richards

The Wedding Queen of the West

No one has ever been in the Las Vegas wedding industry as long as Charolette Richards.

For more than fifty years, Charolette has literally lived the statement.
Charolette has grown the industry of Special Weddings in Las Vegas since the late 1950's. Charolette comments "God has given me this special ministry to marry these people. I want for nothing because I have God to fulfill all of my needs." Charolette's prayer is that the world will come to peace and harmony and every married couple will stay in love, take good care of each other, and be kind to each other. She truly believes that you should not marry the person you can LIVE WITH, but you should marry the person you CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT!

Charolette has been active in community affairs for many years. She believes in helping others. She has sat on the boards of the Mispah House (a boy's home) and T.A.D.C. (Temporary Assistance for Domestic Crisis). She participates in the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, the Hotel and Tour Operators Association, and the Las Vegas Territory NEON Association.

Charolette is active with numerous church activities and has also worked with programs to help the needy. She strongly believes in being willing to assist people in their times of need. The desire of her heart is to reach out to women and children who have been abused and battered and to encourage them to a better path of happiness and peace.

Charolette loves to share her testimony of what God's love can do when you reach out to others. Her dream is to see Las Vegas continue to grow, to be the inspiration of a caring community, and to welcome visitors to the marriage capital and entertainment center.

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