Las Vegas Marriage License Information

You’re engaged? Congratulations! You took care of the fun part! Now let us guide you through tying the knot in Vegas. With us, it’s easy. Read on and ready yourself to be pronounced. OMG, are you as excited as we are? Let’s do this.

We do not love sorting through a bunch of bureaucratic details either, so we are breaking it down, short and sweet with sprinkles.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. It is required that you each fill out a pre-application form online in advance.

    Apply here no more than 90 days before your wedding.

    When you fill this form out be sure to enter your legal names to match the IDs that you will bring to pick up your marriage license. Are you with us on how strange this is that we need to make mention of this? How this happens we don’t fully understand, but it does. Get your names straight people. Moving on.

  2. You will both go in person to the Marriage License Bureau any day of the week, 365 days a year between 8AM and midnight. Yes, it is 2023 and yes, you still must go in person. No, you cannot legally get married online. Sorry.

    When you go to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau at 201 Clark Avenue in downtown Las Vegas be sure to bring the following:

    1. Two valid, government issued photo IDs (One for you and one for your fiancé.)
    2. Cash, credit or a debit card. The license costs $102 when you pay cash or $105.29 with a credit card.

    No further paperwork is needed, but you do need to know the following bits of information:

    1. If you are a US citizen, know your social security number. You do not need the card. If you are not a US citizen, disregard.
    2. If you have been divorced or widowed you need to know the date, city and state where this happened or was finalized.
    3. To have a legal marriage, have a wedding ceremony within one year of getting your license.

    See you on the other side where you will say I do! We’re waiting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have questions about how to get married in Vegas? Find more marriage license requirements or chat with us now!

You do not need a marriage License to renew your vows.

We can do a Renewal of Vows ceremony if you have already been legally married before.

We do require all renewal of vows couples to sign a document that confirms this ceremony is being performed as a renewal and not a legal ceremony.

Please Note: We reserve the right to deny you service if our requirements are not met.

Let our friendly wedding coordinators take care of the paperwork.

Call 1-800-545-8111 for more information.